Junior Programs

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Our Junior Programs are administered and operated by North Island Tennis Academy (NITA).

NITA was established in 2012 by Gerald Yung, one of the top coaches in BC.  We wanted to provide high quality tennis instruction and development to the area.


All NITA programs are based on the Tennis Canada “Long-Term Athletic Development” path.  Each level is tailored for specific stages of development.  We offer various classes that are based on skill levels.  We start our young players at age 5 with progressive tennis.  This uses specific balls designed to adjust for kids’ age and size up to age 10.  It is the most established way to develop core fundamentals before they transition to regulation balls.

We offer private and group tennis sessions to children ages 5-17:

Our INTRODUCTION to tennis and developmental classes are offered through the activity guide – Nanaimo Parks & Rec

Our INTERMEDIATE and PERFORMANCE level classes are offered by NITA.  Kids are grouped appropriately by level, age, attitude and commitment.

Please contact Gerald Yung for further information: northislandtennisacademy@gmail.com

For parents:

We provide free use of junior rackets, so parents do not need to purchase a racket for their child to try out tennis.

Parents can walk along the beautiful Westwood Lake trail while their kids are playing tennis.  We also have a bistro open to the public.

Check out our family discount and play as a family (located in the “Memberships” section) “a family that plays tennis together, stays together.”