Policies & Etiquette

Policies & Etiquette

Court Bookings
Members can book one week and one hour in advance by phone or online. The busiest times during the week are 5:00 pm-6:30 pm & 6:30pm-8:00pm. For these time slots please book only 1.5 hours at a time. You may book a two hour time slot if it doesn’t interfere with these times.

Court Cancellation
If you would like to cancel a court please let us know the night before; failure to do so will lead to a court charge.

Court Fees
The indoor court fees are $27.00 (tax included) per hour and is typically split between players. There is no charge for the outdoor courts, though the same cancellation policy applies. In the summer months we offer discounted rates for all in-door courts.

Guest Policy
A member may bring a guest once a month with no guest fee and that same guest may come one more time in a month at a fee of $20.00 plus court fees. The same guest is restricted to a maximum of two visits in one month.

Billing Policies
Bills will be sent out to you at the end of each month either by mail or e-mail. On these bills you will find your monthly dues, which we charge on the 15th of every month, and any other charges you put on your account during the month, including: court time, food, drinks, pro-shop, etc. If you require individual invoices to be included with your statement, please let us know and we will mail you those as well.

Court Attire
Proper tennis attire is required. Persons wearing black or partially black soled shoes will not be permitted on the courts. We strongly enforce this rule. Also, spandex, in any form, or street wear will also not be permitted on the courts. Men’s shirts must have sleeves.

Crossing the Court
When crossing the court, please wait until the point is over and then cross at the net.

Thank you for your cooperation